About Us


Our skills go well-beyond helping our clients obtain patents and trademarks; the attorneys at Burch Dallmann dedicate most of their time to litigation matters. We vigorously enforce our clients’ IP rights as well as defending claims of infringement and have appeared in many of the common IP courts throughout the United States including the:

• Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit
• International Trade Commission
• Central District of California
• Northern District of California
• Eastern District of Texas
• District of Delaware

In an era when most litigators can count on one hand the number of trials they have done, the attorneys at Burch Dallmann have tried more than 50 jury trials. We do not shy away from trial if it is necessary.


Burch Dallmann is uniquely qualified to help you obtain and monetize your IP. Three of our attorneys are registered to practice before the USPTO, and have degrees in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and geophysics. You have at your disposal more than 20 years of real world technical experience and 40 years of legal experience. Whether you are looking to obtain a patent, trademark or copyright, or want to protect your IP as a trade secret, we have you covered.

Burch Dallmann LLP